Huskies pull a sled through a winter landscape.
Many huskies gather around a person next to a tree.
Dogs are fed outside in the surrounding greenery.
A family with leashed dogs out in the green forest.
Loose husky dogs in the green forest, one of which has laid down in the moss.
A coffee pot over an open fire out in the forest in summer.
Husky dogs seen from the sled as they pull their team through the snow.

Måsek´s hundspannsäventyr

Sågmyra, Oxberg 358

At Måsek's you get the nature experience with the sled dogs in a unique concept all year round. Try the little adventure near Dalarna's large municipalities where the feeling of wilderness is behind the knot.

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Visiting address: Oxberg 358, 790 22 Sågmyra