Måsek´s hundspannsäventyr

Måsek´s hundspannsäventyr

At Måsek's you get the nature experience with the sled dogs in a unique concept. Måsek's is the small exclusive sled dog company that tailors dog sledding adventures so that it suits you as well as possible. Try the little adventure near Dalarna's large municipalities where the feeling of wilderness is behind the knot.



The experience will be unique as the closeness with the dogs is not shared with other guests and you are guaranteed to meet WC gold medalists as our Siberian huskies are well-qualified competition dogs. Crafts and cuddles with the dogs after the tour are of course included.

Måsek's can be booked on weekends and weekday evenings with two sleds, where an adult and a child can take a seat in each sled.
• The tour takes you on a wonderful journey through the valley's forest landscape.

• The evening tour takes you on a magical journey where the headlamp lights our way, if you're lucky the moon offers enough light, then we turn off the headlamps and glide silently through a fairytale landscape.

• Book a kennel visit, meet our dogs and snuggle with them in the big shed and hear the stories of their adventures.

All activities can be combined with a simple meal or coffee that is enjoyed by the warming campfire with a fantastic panoramic view.