Källan-Asaklitt 16 km

Well-trodden trails in the forest and gravel-roads on the way up to the view from Asaklitt



Length: 16 km

Difficulty level: Blue

Starting point: Källan, Källberget

Description: The start of the hike is at Källan and Leksands orienteringsklubb

The trail passes through older parts of the forest with several unique plants. From Asaklitt you will have a view over the lake Siljan. There is a small cabin here where one could sit down and take a break while looking out over the landscape below

If you don't want to make the whole hike up to the view, it's possible to drive almost all the way there. Drive past Leksands Knäckebröd, through the village Häradsbygden, drive onto Hagen Bergmans väg, follow the signs that says Asaklitt and you will reach the beginning of the trail. The last 800 m up to the view from the parking area is quite steep.


From Leksand: Starting point is located 3 km south of Leksand
Drive south over the Leksand bridge and towards road 70, follow the signs that says Häradsbygden. Shortly after passing hotel Moskogen, turn right at the sign that says källbergsgärdet and continue onto Källbergsvägen. Drive up the hill and shortly after on the left side lies Leksands orienteringsklubb and the start of the hike