Casting rod in the front, fishing water behind.

Fishing license, Sälen

Transtrands FVOF - The waters comprise 6,500 ha of fishing waters distributed in the about 10 lakes and 190 km of flowing water, providing good opportunities for alternate fishing.



Precious fish are found in most waters. Large trout of up to 2-3 kg, grayling of 1-2 kg and whitefish of 1-3 kg have been caught in Västerdalälven, Görälven and Fuluälven. The nature reserve Hälla in Västerdalälven, parts of the Fuluälven and Görälven are counted as one of the foremost fly fishing waters in Sweden.

In lakes, trout and rainbow trout have been caught between 5-7 kg.

In the area there are good opportunities for disabled people to fish, and then we mean a fishing where you are not only referred to a pier a few meters out in the lake, but fishing can be done after several hundred meters of beach. There is also the possibility to rent a large raft with motor for the fishing.