Woman with headdress among tobacco plants.

Bergstrand Cigars®

Bergstrand Cigars® produces hand-rolled exclusive Swedish premium cigars in Limited Edition. The whole process from seed to finished cigar takes place at the farm in Säter. The Swedish-grown tobacco in the cigars gets much of its flavor from the mineral-rich soil found here.



Bergstrand Cigars® is Dalarna’s first commercial cigar producer (at least as far as we have been able to find). At present in Sweden, there are two commercial cigar producers who produce Swedish cigars with Swedish tobacco. Bergstrand Cigars® is one of them.

Groups of at least five people can book a visit at the farm to hear the owners tell about Bergstrand Cigars® and see cultivation. Cigar testing and rolling your own cigar are also possible. We would be happy to organise your visit or event for you, just as you would like it.