Exterior picture of Älvdalens Fishingcentre

Älvdalens Fiskecenter

  • Phone: +46251-123 44
  • Email: info@alvdalenfiske.com
  • Visiting address: Ribbholmsvägen 26, 796 31 Älvdalen
  • Opening hours: Every day 9 am - 9 pm until 26th of August After that its open every day 9 am - 6 pm

In our shop you will find everything you need for a successful fishing trip in the river valley.



The Fishing Center, we have chosen to focus on fly fishing. In our shop you will find among others fly rods and reels from Sameo, Orvis, Pool 12, and Simms, as well as lines from Cortland, Orvis, Simms and Sameo. There is also a great selection of waders and wading shoes. In addition, you will find here a lot of other clothes for the fisherman as jackets, shirts, underwear, socks and caps. Those of you who bind your own flies can find here also a well-stocked selection, ranging from the hook to the bonding material.

Our comprehensive fly collections, covering a few hundred patterns, you will find everything you need for fly fishing. Of course we also have a large selection of our own, local flies. Tippets, Leaders, flowing agents, and everything else you need for successful fishing will be found of course in the store. We also have equipment for angling or spin fishing, such as rods, reels, spinners, lures, hooks and floats.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff with many years of knowledge and experience of forest, river and lake in Älvdalen. We can help you find your way among both flies, equipment and fishing grounds. Whether you are a beginner or experienced fisherman.

Welcome to us at Fishing Center!