Large two storey building
Large two storey house with a flagpole in front.
Kitchen with two stoves.
Two armchairs in a dark hall lighted by a lamp on the floor..
Sideboard in the kitchen with lihted candles and a coffe thermos.
Breakfast on a table.
Lighted candles and a coffee thermos on a table.
Exercise machines in a gym.
Magazine on a small table with an armchair beside.
Gymnastic hall.
Ping pong table in a gymnastic hall.
Dining room with a teve on the wall.
Dining room with elk horn on the wall.

Åsen Vandrarhem Uvboet

Älvdalen, Brunnmyrvägen 2

Welcome to Åsens Vandrarhemmet Uvboet. In a scenic setting in the middle of Dalarna in the village Åsen The hostel has 12 rooms with 50 beds, a gym, a small gym, sauna, playground and in summer a 25 meter heated swimming pool.

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Visiting address: Brunnmyrvägen 2, 796 90 Älvdalen