A bridge by a lake and trees in the background

Västängs bathing area

Bathing area in the Österdalälven



Västäng's bathing area has a storslogbod (wind shelter), barbecue area, jetty and outdoor toilet.

There is a little rocky bottom at this bathing place.

If you would like to use the windshelter, remember that:
- Bring your own firewood if you intend to make a fire
- Make sure the fire is properly lit before leaving the site
- Bring your trash home and leave the place in good condition

Good to know

  • Children/Family
  • Summer


From Älvdalen city center: drive RV70 towards Mora. Turn right towards Evertsberg on Hagalundsvägen. After the bridge comes a T-junction where you turn left on Evertsbergsvägen. Then turn left towards Västäng on Västängsvägen. Drive about 850 meters and then turn left onto Limeriksväg. Limeriksväg is a small dirt road. Follow the road all the way down and you will reach the bathing area.