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Travel in time and place - follow the path of iron and silver from mine to smelting house and hammer mill!


Walk along the medieval road beside the River Jönshytteån, where the silver was smelted in the furnaces. Visit Östra Silvberg, one of Sweden´s oldest silver mines, which had its heyday back in the 15th centry. In the huge blast furnace in Ulfshyttan, the iron ore was transformed into pig-iron, one of Sweden´s most important commodities for many centuries. Enjoy the calm and beautiful houses built of slag at Grängshammar, one of the best-preserved ironworks settings in Dalarna. Slag pillars stand like archaic remains of the old coalhouse, framed by lush vegetation and rushing water.
Finish your tour with a visit to the Bispbergs mine, where the magificent pithead building over the Vasa shaft is reflecteed in the quiet waters of Storgruvan. Maybe you even have the energy to walk up to the top of Bispbergs klack, from where tou have a bird´s -eye wiew of the whole district. Along the road there are lovely picnic sites at the many lakes, so be sure to pack a hamper. At each sight there is a sign summering up the history of the place. All information is also in English and German.

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