Rensjön Nature Reserve

The Rensjön Nature Reserve is so close to a primeval forest that can be reached. 500-year-old pine trees and 300-year-old fir trees grow in the forests. An unusual sight in today's forests.


Here you can find really tall pines that are 500 years old. And there are also spruce trees that are over 300 years old. The only culturally affected area in the area lies west of the forest road, where the extraction of dry trees and coarse numbers took place in the 1920th century.

Through the reserve, a forest road leads from north to south. Along the way, the bedrock contains lime. It affects the flora and here are several unusual plants, eg. Polygonatum Verticillatum.

Rensjön is home to the seabird Svärta (Melanitta Fusca) that usually breeds in Rensjön. The bird is classified as highly threatened in the world and this is one of the few places places in Dalarna where this happens.

At the reserve you can see traces of nature conservation burns that were carried out in 2012.

There is a walking tour above Rensjön which is 6km long, the path is visible on the map among the pictures. There are no bridges over the brook but it is possible to get over a couple of hundred meters upstream. On the other side of the brook, the trail eventually turns and goes back over the same brook, therefore one can also choose not to cross the water but follow the brook until the "back trail" appears. The trail is clearly marked with orange markings.

The mountain Krokfljotbliket located in Rensjön's nature reserve can also be said to be primeval forest. Fljot means mire that is not beaten. In the past, the top was completely woodless, but now covered by a young pine forest. The word glance or ink just means forestless mountain. Here is a hiking trail of 6km, see the map among the pictures.

The pictures are from the upper part of the hiking path above Rensjön and down at Rensjön.


  • Summer


From the center of Älvdalen:
Drive RV70 towards Särna, turn right towards Trängslet. Drive pass Trängslet and follow the gravel road. Follow the gravel road straight ahead until you reach a T-junction where you take a left. Follow the road and the Rensjön nature reserve comes on the right.

From Älvdalen's center to the Rensjön nature reserve, it is about 45km.