An old timberes house


The beautiful stone porphyry has been ground in Älvdalen for centuries.



1897 started Frost Anders Andersson the new porphyry factory in Västäng with purchased machinery and equipment from the fire-ravaged old porphyry in Näset.

Porphyry factory is on two floors; on the lower floor the porphyry was sawed and drilled, upstairs there are two large orbital sanders and less grinding, polishing and drilling machines.
The interior and the machines in the new porphyry factory is virtually unchanged since the turn of the century. All machinery is powered by waterpower, the transfer of power to the different machines is done with the help of straps and wooden wheels of different sizes.
Nowadays there is no production at the factory, but it has guided tours during the summer.

The porphyry is beautiful, tough, intractable and has been tremendously important for the district.


From Älvdalen drive towards Evertsberg on Evertsbergsvägen. After the bridge, turn right, and shortly thereafter, take a left onto Porfyrverksvägen which you follow up to the porphyry factory.