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M/S Gustaf Wasa Rättvik

  • Phone: +46 070-542 10 25
  • Website: www.wasanet.nu
  • Visiting address: Långbryggan Postal Address: 795 22 Rättvik
  • Hours: 2019
    Cruises according to timetable 12/6-18/8.

Cruise from Rättvik, Leksand or Mora with one of Sweden's most beautiful ships. Eat and drink well and see the Dalarna from the sea side. All cruises are guided. Packed lunch deck. Tickets are sold on board.



Cruises according to tour list from the middle of June - middle of August.

Café and restaurant with full rights on all cruises. Today's dish and tourist menu. Evening cruises with shrimp or à la carte.

The boat was built in 1876 and has been traveling to Siljan since then.

Facilities and service

  • Summer