Two adults and two children in blue jackets hiking.

Lugnet Nature reserve

A popular area for country walks next to Lugnet. Up here, there are trails in every direction in beautiful, tranquil nature. Lugnet’s ski jumps can be seen for miles.



The Sports-Centre was at the time it was built, the biggest one in Sweden. It is still an impressive building. The Swedish Sports Confederation recognises 67 sports of which 57 can be practiced at Lugnet. Activities, such as indoor bandy, handball, basket, swimming, curling, track and field sports are just a little of what is going on.

There are also many hiking and exercise trails, as well as skiing trails. Looking for a place for sun-bathing and swimming? The open air bathing pool (50m) and its water-cute is without saying the place! Lugnet is often used as an exhibition hall and for shows and congresses. Lugnet has played an important roll in Falun. Lugnet`s Camping Ground is rated three stars and is open all the year round. There is a group of leisure cottages connected with it. It is as close to everything that offers at Lugnet as it is to the immense nature reserve. The lift of the jump tower of the 90-metre ski jump is open in the summer. Cafeteria.

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