A horse.

Icelandic horses

Join us on a tour of the cozy and well mannered nice Icelandic horses in the forests around Sellner. We ride on small forest roads and winding paths before we stop for a snack at a small lake or halfway up on Solklinten with fine views over the countryside.



In Sör Sellner Icelandic horses you can always be sure of getting an experienced guide.
We have 20 years of experience with Icelandic horses and horse riding and has arranged trips long ago 1996th

Icelandic horse is a sturdy and rugged all-around horse that easily carry an adult rider. To temper the Icelandic horse is very pious and friendly, but the over riding exudes tremendous energy and ambition with the high level of cooperation. The Icelandic horse is in addition to trot, canter and walk, and even flying that tolt. It is the soft and pleasant tölt all may try to ride.

We offer everything from 2 - hours to several days on horseback.
During the summer months, we have 2 hour and half-day tours daily. You can also book a full day.
Before the tours, we always start with a thorough review where we talk about the key points of riding. In particular, the horses' welfare and safety of our guests.
Then we sit up in the arena, and correct seat, practicing to do a few levels to master and the horse a few minutes before we ride out.

We have a weight limit of 90 kg and an age limit of 12 years for those of you who do not have any riding experience.


from Borlange

Drive towards Örebro. Pass IKEA and the Shoppingcenter Kupolen, continue to Örebro 5 minutes. Then follow the sign " Ridcenter " on the left . Follow the signs for " Icelandic Horses " 150 m, then you are there. Warm welcome!


Drive towards Borlänge. 36 km from Ludvika see a large horse farm and a big sign " Sör Sellnäs Icelandic horses " on the right side. Then follow the sign " Ridcenter " to the right . Follow the signs for " Icelandic Horses " 150 m, then you are there. Warm welcome!