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Gyllbergen Nature reserve

Gyllbergen is Borlänge’s largest nature reserve with 1020 hectare of wilderness area with good hiking tracks. During the winter there are 70 km of prepared ski-tracks available.



The reserve was established in 1982, to protect the area from deforestation. Once, the rocky outcrops were covered with large forests. But in order to provide material for the coal mining in the area, in Falun Copper Mine for example, the forest was cut down. The last felling was done at the end of the 1900th century. In the area you can find 23 mountain tops at an altitude of above 400 meters. It’s because of its altitude that the forest today is growing back so slowly, creating a sense of being in the mountains.

Today, small pines grow on the outcrops, and fir-trees grow in the valleys. Where the forest ends, the mires begin. Hike through the mires, pick cloudberries and blueberries, or just explore the rich wildlife. Bring the whole family and enjoy your coffee-break by one of the many windshelters with campfire-sites. Or you can go on a longer hike and stop at an overnight-cabin. There are a variety of different tours to choose from, just remember to bring solid shoes since the trails can be wet even in summer!

Are you interested in wildlife? Many birds flourish here, such as owls, black grouse and woodpeckers. In the spring you can see the cranes dance. Experience something unique and stay overnight in a wind shelter. If you are lucky you can see bear, lynx, wolf or wolverine.

A popular hiking or skiing destination in Gyllfäbodarna is to the lake Dragbergssjön and back. Bring some hot chocolate and take a break at one of the many wind shelters at the north side of the lake or take a longer break in one of the overnight cabins by the south part of the lake. West of the lake you can go through the 400-meter-long ravine Dragbergsgatan. Other popular places to see are the summer chalets Prästbodarna and Spånsans fäbodar.

You can park your car at five places around the nature reserve; Gyllfäbodarna, Spånsfäbodarna, Långmyran and Prästbodarna. At the parking lot there are information signs, tourist cottages/overnight cabins and outhouses. At Gyllfäbodarna, Spånsfäbodarna and Prästbodarna there are also wind shelters with campfire sites. Please note that the overnight cabins cannot be booked in advance.

A folder with information and a map of Gyllbergen can be downloaded online from the link above.

Good to know

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  • Winter holiday
  • WC facilities for disabled
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Directions from Borlänge: Drive road 50 towards Ludvika. After Lerbäcken (about 7,5km) turn right – signs towards Gyllbergen Nature Reserve.