Fjällchrurch at Idre Fjäll in summertime

Fjällkapellet Idre Fjäll

Mountain Chapel beneath the summer farm on Idrefjäll is a haven to find peace. Swedish church Idre-Särna Assembly may hold multiple services over the summer and mountain chapel is also open for weddings, christenings and private devotion.



Mountain chapell wants to be a church in the middle of the hill, in the middle of the track, surrounded by nature and my life. The starting point is the Emmaus story in which the risen Jesus will join some disciples after Easter dramatic events, he goes by and listen to the call, explaining what happened from the holy scriptures, visiting their dwelling and share a meal with them (Luke 24:13-35) . The Mountain Chapel, Idrefjäll we celebrate a "Mass of stillness source", we share communion bread and wine, singing hymns (often gives us the opportunity to be desired among the 800 Psalms), pray, is the silence together and listen to the Bible passage and a meditation . On Grängesåsvallen, the Church's own mountain, celebrated during the summer open-air church services in the yard. In addition to pray, sing hymns and listen to the word of the Bible, so we often listen to folk music with local ties. Afterwards, put it on the church coffee cooked over an open fire in störröset. For those who wish it is possible to walk to church services. The walk is based on the Mountain Chapel, Idrefjäll, one hour before the beginning of the service.

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