A steep in Njupeskär

Fallet Runt

A nice hike around Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall.



The tour "Fallet Runt", is a moderate half day trip of 5.5 km. You start at the parking lot at Fulufjället and follow the trail to the left labeled "Runt Fallet". The tour itself has two challenging parts, a sharp rise of 400 meters, from here you will reach a wind shelter with brilliant views. Follow the step labeled "Njupeskär 1km". In case the threshold to go over the bridge. WARNING! Dangerous cliff - follow the trail. Climb down the steep slope in difficult terrain to the rest house. If you want, you can go from here 500m of the case feet. Follow the path to the car park through beautiful forest.

Trail "Fallet Runt" should not be hiked if the weather is bad, raining or humid, big risk of slipping.But many fine views are to be seen, vertical canyon cliffs and tingling views and you will see Njupeskär from above.

Free maps are available at Visitor Centre, Naturum.

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