Lots of big stones in a Ecopark

Ecopark Tranuberget

Welcome to hike in the wooded mountains, in the pine rocky kingdom. Between the mountains glitter amounts of small lakes, and streams with trout jumping.



Typical for Ecopark Tranuberget are rocky, lichen-covered pine forests, where the pine trees grow slowly and become hardened by fire. But there are also herb-rich forests, old sallows and sparkling water.

Opened: September 27, 2012.
Do not miss: The view from Tranubergets two peaks, anise scent of fragrance ticking and the towering old-growth pines.
Suggestions for activities: Hiking, fishing and wildlife tracking.
Typical species: golden eagle, lynx and reliktbock.
Size: 9,033 hectares
Location 10 km north of Idre in Dalarna.

Good to know

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