A beautiful blue lake

Svartgessi Nature Reserve

The nature reserve has pine trees of about 400 years, fishing water and a walking trail of 2.5 km.



Svartgessi Nature Reserve has pine trees of about 400 years, fishing water and a walking trail of 2.5 km. Remember to bring your trash home and leave the site in good condition.

The road here is not plowed during the winter.

Fishing Here you can fish Trout and char. Don't forget to buy a fishing license for Älvdalen FVO and visit www.alvdalensfvof.se for current fishing regulations.

Walking At the windsheild house at the lake, a 2.5 km roundabout begins. The trail is marked by the county administrative board.

About the Nature Reserve In the northern part is dominated by marshland, here also lies the Svartgessitjärnen. The forest consists of pine trees about 400 years old, but also younger forests and large elements of dry shrubs are found in the area. The natural forest has emerged after forest fires, which has given a large species richness that is dependent on dead wood.

Within the reserve it is not allowed to:
- damage to soil or geological objects,
- damage growing or dead - standing or fallen - trees and shrubs,
- picking or digging flowers, mosses, lichen and wood fungi,
- cook other than at the designated location,
- implant in the area of alien plant or animal species,
- drive a motor vehicle in the terrain. Driving may be done in connection with rescue operations,
- disturb wildlife e.g. by climbing in fine trees or consciously staying closer to the bird of prey, lazy or pot than 100 meters,
- bring unconnected dog.


Från Älvdalen centrum: Kör RV70 mot Idre i cirka 29km. Sväng vänster vid skylten där det står Skålån 12km. Följ vägen och vid Y-korsningen håll höger. Svartgessi Naturreservat kommer sedan på höger sida. Parkera vid eldpallkojan.