Amtjärnsbrottet is a closed limestone quarry north of Rättvik. Here are the fossils at the center, including sea lilies whose stems can be seen on the walls of the crime. The area is a great natural experience with black edged layers of clay and alum slate surrounded by dense spruce forest.



At Amtjärnsbrottet you can see rock layers that were thrown vertically by the force of the meteorite strike that created the Siljansringen 377 million years ago. Here, among other things, there are remains of sea lilies, crystal apples and armpits.

The southern part of Amtjärnsbrottet is kept open to facilitate studies of the quarry's walls. The limestone wall of the reef limestone in the west is of the Kullsberg limestone type. If you go near the wall you will see that it contains a very large amount of fossils in the form of long narrow, pipe-like stalks of sea lilies (crinoids).

Practical Information:
Parking about 300 meters from the quarry. A bus can drive about 200 meters further. It is an easy walk to the quarry on old forest road and trail. Boots or sturdy shoes are recommended. Consider the risk of race in old quarries! The visit is at your own risk.

Amtjärnsbrottet e is protected as a nature reserve since 2002, which means that it is forbidden to:
- Dig, hack with tools or otherwise damage the soil surface and rock formations.
- Damage to growing or dead, standing or fallen trees and shrubs.
- Excavate herbs, remove wood fungi, mosses and lichens.
-Provide motor-driven vehicle.