Trail marking on a stick, two hikers on the trail.

Vattnets väg till gruvan - 30 km

Running water was a prerequisite for operating pumps and water wheels at the Falun Mine and to process ore at smelting. Welcome to wander on the cleared paths and roads along Sweden's oldest water leads to a mine - Falun Mine



Length: The hiking trails offer a total of just over 30 km of hiking, divided into four different trails. Informative signs, picnic areas and huts are located in the area, which is an important part of the Falun World Heritage Site.
Starting point: Starting points are at Falu Mine, Lilltorpet, Puttbo Bergsmansgård, Stångtjärn electric light track and Slätta electric light track. At each starting point there is parking.

Here are old cabin sites, beautiful miner farms, ponds and dammhus in Nordic nature. Informative signs and picnic areas are located in the area that is an important part of the Falun World Heritage site.

There are a total of 30 km trails spread over multiple loops. Map available at the World Heritage House at the Falun Mine.