Bench at viewpoint over lake and forest.

Opplimen 4 km

Walking path around lake Opplimen which alternates between gravel and asphalt. It passes through the villages Bodlindor and Sjugare and through different nature landscapes like old fir forests and farmlands.



Length: 4 km

Difficulty level: Blue

Description: Starting point for the hike is at the bathing place next to road 70, close to the village Bodlindor. The trail is wheelchair accessible.

While walking through the villages you will pass by a house called Knotgården, which is used by DHR for different activities. Along the path you will also walk by Karlfeldts Sångsgården in Sjugare villlage, which used to be the home of author and poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt.

In the southeast part of the lake you can find an active beaver hut, you can also see and hear almost all of the woodpecker species in Sweden.

A bathing spot is right next to road 70, close to the village Bodlindor


From Leksand: Drive north on road 70, it is about 10 km to the lake Opplimen. Parking is available at the bathing place in Bodlindor, right next to road 70.

Public transport: Dalatrafik, bus 271 and 276