skiing persons

Idre Fjäll 1 km - 42 km

  • Phone: 0253 - 410 00
  • Contact person name: Idre Fjäll
  • Visiting address: Idre Fjäll, 79091 Idre

At Idre Fjäll you are going cross-country skiing through beautiful landscapes and challenging exercise tracks.



Idre Fjäll is also proud of beeing the official training facility of the Swedish national team in cross-country skiing! Idre Fjäll have offer several km with good cross country tracks with one of Sweden's finest lighted trails are the training day and night. Idre Fjäll have over 80 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails in varied terrain and in all there are 30 km electrically lit tracks. All tracks starts at ski stadium located next to Västbacken. The illuminated track is double track and securely with skate width.