Two fishermen close to the river. he shore next to the river.
Fishing rod.
Flowing river in dark deep forest.

Fishing in Ogströmmen

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Ogströmmen starts at Ogsjön and runs five hundred meters at Venjans fiskevårdsområde before it passes the raw border and enters Malungs fiskevårdsområde. From Malungsrået down to Öje there are nine kilometers and it is good grayling and trout fishing all the way. The upper two kilometers have their own character with short rapids and longer seals. In the summer there is no more noble fish in the harness, but they keep rough pike. If you want to try the pike fishing, the twilight hour is best, and every year really fine fish are landed at around meters in these seals. A couple of kilometers downstream the ridge, immediately after the calm seal at Holmängen, begins the long rapids and the stream falls quite evenly all the way down to the village. The rapids character gradually changes as and there are a number of natural fishing spots with quite different biotopes before Ogströmmen reaches Öje.

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