Bicycle stands leaning against a tree at sunset.

Cycle the Västerdalälven river

Let the Västerdalälven river lead you along on its western bank from the bathing spot at lake Bysjön, south of Nås, to the town centre in Vansbro. You come into contact with the river several times, as well as passing through two homesteads and, if you make the crossing and head for the town of Dala-Järna, a bike shop, grocery stores and eateries.



Length: Approx. 30 km, one-way
Green trail: Easy cycling on flat terrain
Duration: 2- 4 hours
Start: Lake Bysjön, south of Nås, or from tourist information centre
Accommodation tips: Nås Camping, Vansbro Camping, Värdhuset Flottaren, Vansbro Rumshotell, Rutsbrogården, Dala-Järna Hotell and Snöå Bruk

Worth a stop
Lisskvarngården in Nås
This well-preserved 18th century homestead is in its original shape and is a collection of some ten utility buildings typical of the area. On presentation here is also a collection of 800 artefacts. More information on Lisskvarngården

Dala-Järna art centre – Holstmuseet
This interesting art centre displays 20th century Swedish art and in the exhibition spaces you will also find works by contemporary artist. The centre also houses a museum of faithfully rendered model wooden birds.

Järna homestead museum
This collection of homestead buildings has its origins in the 1350s and one of the buildings is considered to be the second oldest building in the whole of west Dalarna!

Snöå Bruk
The old iron and forge works at Snöå is one of the most beautiful in the municipality of Vansbro. It was founded in 1811 as an ironworks and forge, and water from the river Snöå was used to power the hammer, while the surrounding forest provided the coal for the fires.


You can cycle the entire length of the trip, Nås to Vansbro, at 30 km, or split it into sections on the southwest side of the river. You get to see and experience the river more this way and you also avoid having to ride on the much busier E16 European highway which is on the northwest side of the river.

Start the trip in the village of Närsjö, at the bathing spot by lake Bysjön, which is south of Nås. Follow Närsjövägen until you reach Nås and take a right on Storbygatan and then a left. On road 524 take a right and follow the signs for Grånäs. Just continue on road 533 until you reach Dala-Järna and take a left onto road 531 for Vansbro, or make a detour to stop off in Dala-Järna. If you do, eat lunch at the famed Dala-Järna hotel or visit Snöå Bruk and enjoy coffee and buns at the Ryggåsstugan café.

When you arrive in Vansbro take a right into Fabriksvägen, ride through the industrial area and then onto the cycle path that takes you under highway 26. Then keep on the cycle path and cross the river to the camping site. You will find the tourist information centre on the other side of the E16 European highway.