Cycling in Malung

Cycling in Malung offers a veritable smörgåsbord of options to choose between. There are several areas and cycling paths for anyone who wants to experience varying nature and a thrilling rush, both in central Malung and the surrounding villages. Gentle cycling on country roads and dirt tracks alternate with more adrenaline- packed trails if you’d rather ride cross country and mountain bikes.

Central Malung makes a convenient starting point for several cycling trips. Malung campsite is beautifully situated right next to the Västerdal river. From here you can head off on several different cycling tracks of varying levels of difficulty, suitable for families cycling with children or those looking for a slightly sweatier challenge. Among them, the 22km-long Forsrundan is a cycling tour in beautiful natural surroundings, along country roads on both sides of the Västerdal river between the campsite and Malungsfors. If you want to head out into the forest and bike cross country, try out Byråsrundan, 13km of hilly terrain up to the top of Byråsen mountain - where your efforts are rewarded by fantastic views.

Öje village is 17km northeast of Malung and offers fantastic cycling opportunities on wellmaintained dirt tracks in beautiful forest surroundings, far from car traffic but close to historic summer pasture farms. With luck you may even be able to spot a moose or bear. Several of the trails follow the Ogströmmen river, which has beautiful views you can enjoy while cycling and when it’s time to take a break.

A cycling holiday in Malung isn’t complete until you’ve tried biking in nearby Lima. Most trails head out from Äråbadet close to the 66 road and trails follow varied terrain through forests and culturally historic countryside. Choose between cycling paths such as Ärnas, Simonssons rör leden or Heden. Or why not take the 18km-long connecting path to the “Tour de Rörbäcksnäs”? There's also a 500 metre-long technical course at Äråbadet for MTB and cyclocross, with cambered corners and groups for younger cyclists.

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