Två people in canoe.

Canoe route Näs - Tyttbo

The canoe route along Dalälven follows the river from Näs power station to Stadarna where you can continue out on Färnebofjärden and further out into the sea at Älvkarleby.



The part through south By gives you canoeing among the seven small islands that make out Bysjöns nature reserve. It is easy to find your own bathing creek or a resting place.
On Bysjöholmarna the osprey is hedging, among other birds. We hope that you show respect, especially during breeding season.
After Leknäsforsen you reach Österviken, surrounded by a vibrant agricultural region with several small villages.
Downstream the ferry at Hovnäs, Dalälven goes into a wilder part with three waterfalls that make up Tyttbo whitewater fishing. This is a part of Färnebofjärden National Park.
A route description is available at the tourist office and on the web.