Welcome to Siljansnäs

Siljansnäs, an isthmus on Lake Siljan, is a gorgeous area on the western side of the lake, around 12 km from Leksand. It’s surrounded by unspoilt Dalarna countryside with small country roads gently winding through the villages and there’s also untouched, wide open wilderness right on your doorstep, for adventurous cycling enthusiasts looking for fresh challenges beyond the marked terrain. Our marked biking area, Biking Dalarna, is on the isthmus itself, with the waters of Siljan surrounding it in almost all directions. The marked paths mainly follow original forest trails and old cart roads, where just half a century ago horse-drawn carts used to transport hay from the mowing fields up into the forest. The terrain is family-friendly, with both easy and intermediate paths perfect for cyclists of all ages. Siljansnäs is a great choice of biking destination for active families.

The cycling options at Siljansnäs include four cross-country tracks with varied terrain and some stunning views over Lake Siljan. Choose between cycling 5km, 8km or 11km on trails and forest paths, or 8km on easy gravel roads (Hästskovägen). This gravelled forest road passes through ancient forest and areas with a rich cultural heritage, following the altitude lines of Björkberget mountain and it makes a good starting point for families with smaller children. Along the way you’ll meet spectators in the form of grazing cows and sheep. The start and finish point for all routes is Siljansnäs’ ski and running club hut, just 400 metres from the church in the centre of the village.

Siljansnäs has a strong entrepreneurial spirit which has resulted in a wide range of experiences, services and facilities for visitors. There are recreational activities such as hiking, cycling and skiing, as well as music, culture, traditions, handcrafts and accommodation. You can also visit Dalarna’s Naturum visitor centre at the top of Björkberget mountain (a new viewing tower with panoramic views over Lake Siljan will be opening there in summer 2020). If you don’t want to bike every day, Leksand Sommarland, Santaworld in Gesunda and Orsa Predator Park are all within easy driving distance. There are also lovely swimming spots in Byrviken and Alviken by Siljansnäs Campsite. Siljansnäs Stugby has a fun minigolf course and Siljansnäs hotel has a large outdoor pool. The village also has both outdoor and indoor gyms. This is where the premiere of the region’s traditional church boat rowing races is held around midsummer, and on the last Saturday in July Siljansnäs Day, a big village gathering, is held in the village. In the winter months, skiing is the best way to experience the great outdoors, both downhill at the popular Granbergsbacken ski resort and cross country on well-prepared ski tracks starting from Siljansnäs Ski Hut and from Granbergstoppen, the top of Granberget mountain.

(You can find more information about Siljansnäs at www.siljansnas.eu. You’ll also find upset date news and events of local Facebook pages such as “sijansnäs”, “Siljansnäs Cyklister” and “MTB Siljansnäs”. ) Den här paragrafen ska kanske tas bort för engelska läsare?

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Information about services

Just as at all Biking Dalarna’s biking areas, Siljansnäs provides basic service facilities with clear trail information, car parking, toilets and bike washing facilities. There’s a smaller car park at the start and finish point, and a larger car park by Siljansnäs church 400 metres away. The bike wash is halfway between, by Siljansnäs Sockenstuga. There are shower and sauna facilities at Siljansnäs Stugby up on Björkberget mountain. If you’re staying at Siljansnäs Stugby log cabins or Siljansnäs Hotell close by, you’re just a few minutes away from the biking tracks. If you’re staying at Siljansnäs campsite down on the lakeside you’ll get a nice warm-up biking up the hill towards the start and finish point by the Ski Hut. You can find other private accommodation options on airbnb/ siljansnäs.

If you need to hire a bike or get professional help with repairs or service, Utesport’s “Cykellladen” (Bike barn) is in the west end of the village, at the bottom of Björkberget mountain. From there, you’ll find marked connecting paths to the cycle path “Långa Björkberget”, if you want to take the quickest path out into the forest. You can pick up trail maps at the Cykelladen, at Siljansnäs Stugby and Siljansnäs hotel, at Siljansnäs Sockenstuga (bike wash) and at Siljansnäs ski and running club hut (the start and finishing point). The large noticeboard there also provides more information about other services in the village.

Tempo, our local grocery store, is in the middle of the village, along with Siljansnäs Kiosk, where they know everything that goes on in the village. If you want to eat well, you can choose between Siljansnäs hotel and Siljans Pizzeria and there’s often food served at Buffils Annas Kaffestuga on Björkberget mountain during the summer months.