A sled pulled by dogs in the sunset..

Below Zero Husky Tours

Experience one of the world´s oldest modes of transport by dogsled.



Go by dogsled
Enjoy the tranquility and proximity to the wilderness, sitting on a dog sled pulled by a bunch of eager and happy Siberian huskies. Behind you is a guide who steers the sled through the scenic wilderness of Dalarna.
Price 750 SEK/person.

Run your own dog sled
Experience how it feels to be a dogsled driver. Learn how we work with the dogs, to harness them and put them in front of the sled. Let the dogs lead you out into the wilderness of Dalarna and feel their cooperation as a team.
Price 950 SEK/person.

Become a sled dog driver
Experience the adventure and freedom of traveling through the wilderness of Dalarna with your own dog team. Challenge yourself to become a Musher.
2 days including food.
Price 4200 SEK / Pers