Fish in hand net.

Avesta North fishing area

Northern pike, walleye, perch, trout and whitefish.



Coarse fishing and spin fishing. The area is Dalälven from Kyrkbron north to the community border at Hedemora. Note that Salomonsån and Hoffmansbäcken (Nyhyttan) are excluded.
Free fishing for children under 15 years in the company of the owner of the fishing license. Coarse fishing with knotted line at the top is free for children under 15 years. Planting of trout is done in May and August.
Two rowing boats for hire. The boat “Elin” at STF Älvbro Youth Hostel: telephone +46 79-183 58 79 and the boat “Elvira” with a 5 HP engine at Asköns summer cottage area. Telephone Sune: +46 70-347 21 39, and Janne +46 70-323 01 08. Fee for “Elin: 4 hours, 50 SEK. A whole day: 100 SEK. Fee for “Elvira”: with engine and 1.5 liters of gas, 4 hours: 200 SEK and a whole day: 300 SEK.
Fishing licenses:
Family license: 250 SEK
License for a whole year (calendar): 150 SEK
License for a week: 50 SEK
License for a day: 25 SEK
Licenses can be handed out at Avesta Tourist information. +46 226-64 50 40. Real Fishing, Avesta +46 226-589 02.