Alderängsrundan, Mora

Length: 8.5 km. Area: Alderängarna, north of Mora. Start/goal: Alderängarnas rest stop at highway 70 between Älvdalen and Mora, about 10 km from the center of Mora. Difficulty: Easy Terrain: Trail and forest road Map is available at the Tourist Center in Mora.



Alderängarna is a nature reserve in Mora. The trail has a varied character with open meadows and pebble beaches. The tour begins above the steep slope towards Österdalälven. The tour then follows the riverbanks and makes a detour into the woods.
The entire round is 8.5 kilometers. If you want to shorten it, you can follow the red dots for about 2.5 km. Then go along the river until you reach the blue track again. A really nice walk along the river.
Within the reserve there are chances of spotting beaver, otter and lynx as well as a lot of nesting birds and protected plants.


  • Summer