A driver on a scooter drives from the camera out onto the white expanses.

Fjälläventyrs skotersafari - Sälen

Snowmobile tours in Dalarna. Mountain tour. Before the tours, a brief introduction. Everyone with a driving license is allowed and has the ability to drive a snowmobile. It’s a fun way of getting up the mountain, enjoying the nature and the speed of the machines.



Here you get the chance to learn to drive before the mountain opens up and there is opportunity for those who want to drive fast. A real workout!
We go a little further out on the mountain and get a proper feel for what the scooter really means. The tour requires no prior knowledge but it is is a real workout. Halfway through the hardship, we take a short break where there is the opportunity to purchase a much needed lunch.
A clearly seeing nature but above all an adrenaline rewarding ride! A ride that develops your scooter ability in both powder snow and difficult terrain. We start the morning with a briefing and packing before we, together set off up the mountain. We take a much needed break for lunch somewhere in the mountains , depending on where the weather has brought us.
Then, we continue our journey until we 're back where we started. This tour is long enough that you really should know what it's like to drive a snowmobile.
Driving license requirements .

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We meet at "Sälens högfjällshotell".