Falu Gruva

Falu Gruva

Falu Gruva - part of the World Heritage Falun

One of the world's best-preserved mining landscapes, once the world's largest copper mine, today a part of the World Heritage Falun.

Guided tour underground

Explore the 1000-year history at Falun Mine, guided tours down to 67 meters 360 days a year. Choose between these guided tours:

Ordinary Guided tour, during this guided tour, Falu Mine gives the visitor an opportunity to share interesting stories about working and living in Falun during the heyday of the mining industry. During high season there are several guided tours every day.

Boka gärna i förväg för att vara säker på att få en plats på gruvturerna. Boka gruvtur på falugruva.se

Please book in advance to be sure to get a guided tour in the Falun Mine. Book a mining trip on falugruva.se

Checklist for mining tour
A warm sweater or jacket thinner. The temperature down there in the Falun Mine is much like a refrigerator, around five degrees, no matter the time of year.

  • Boots or shoes that you can rinse off. Mine tunnels is muddy and it could be a little wet. We lend helmets and regncaper.
  • Our guided tour takes about an hour. All that comes with the tour must be ready to go at a walking pace the stairs, a total of approximately 400 steps, and children who accompany must go themselves. Altogether, the display is 750 meters long and descends to 67 meters deep. Elevator on the way up.
  • The minimum age to join into the mine for three years. Up to twelve years, children only go on display in the company of an adult.

Falun Mine surface
Please plan for a full day at the mine on time available, here are lots of discoveries to make even above ground:

The Mining Museum  is an interactive adventure where both large and small can benefit from a lot of knowledge and try life down underground.

Mine Art Gallery that has exhibitions all year round at the top of the Mining Museum.

Mining walk around the Great Pit open pit is about two kilometers long passes several historic buildings. During high season you can also take guided tours above ground.

Check the eagle owl are in the Great Pit with the help of binoculars that are posted at the lookout point opposite the mining museum. There is also information boards about the eagle owl is one of the largest owls.

Restaurant Geschwornergården, cafe cast housing adjacent to the open pit Great Pit and cafe Bagarstugan with seating in the garden provides food, light lunches and refreshments.

Tables for picnics are available at several places in the area.

Shops and other
In the mining area there are lots of shops that offer everything from furnishings and children's clothes to souvenirs and building. Several craftsmen keeping to this; a Stensliperi, a silversmith, crafts group Copper tree and Falu Enamel signs. Other activities in the area is a bike shop, a gardening business and a beauty salon.

Pitches for mobile homes are in the mining sector.

Mining Overview B & B offers accommodation in the old Konstmästargården at the edge of the Great Pit.

Boka copper mine above ground

Accommodation in Falun