Leather bags and shelf with slippers in the store.
Several clothes racks with jackets in the store.
Store owner Carina stands in the store with a pair of slippers in her hand.
Jackets and slippers on racks in the background.
Several leather items on one table.
Several racks with jackets in the store.
Shelf with gloves and hats.
Many leather gloves hung on the wall in the store.
Hats, caps and bags on a shelf and on the wall.

Skinnhuset Nya Joel Jonsson AB

Malungsfors, Gamla Råbergsvägen 2

In Joel Jonsson AB New Skinn o Pälshuset you will find jackets, pants, skirts, hats, bags, slippers, etc.

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Visiting address: Gamla Råbergsvägen 2, 782 75 Malungsfors