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The Husby Ring

Discover the Husby Ring - a journey in time and place. The Husby Ring is a nature and culture trail running through the Husby Parish in southern Dalarna. It can claim to be Sweden's first echo museum and one of Dalarna's most important tourist destinations. Here, a 6-mile overall experience is offered in a fascinating trail with medieval ancestors. It winds along the glittering blue river Dalälven and follows smaller roads through the genuinely charming and idyllic ironworks Smedby / Dala-Husby, Långshyttan, Silfhytteå, Stjärnsund and Kloster. The 25 most interesting sights are well marked. Download the Husby Ring app, available in both the App Store and the Play Store.



The Husby Ring visitor center at to the Café Sundets Stjärna in Stjärnsund offers all the information that a visitor needs. It also sells books, magazines and maps that are related to the entire area. You can also rent a bicycle in here.

The Husby Ring starts in the undulating farming land in the south and then continues north, through dense forests and over mountains. The Husby ring can claim to be the Sweden´s first eco-museum, which means that the landscape itself i the museum, with the sky for the ceiling and the ground for the floor.Here the visitor meets past and present, culture and nature, a piece of everyday life combined with views for miles. The basic idea is human interaction with nature, viewed in historical perspective.

Pay a visit to Stjärnsund, one of the most interesting places to visit because of the life and activity of the great inventor Christopher Polhem, founder of Sweden´s first industry in the18th century. The museum shows Polhem's insistent mechanical alphabet and the famous Polhem Clocks.

The Kloster museum tells us about the exciting development from the cistercian monastery, which was the northernmost outpost of the 1400s, as well as the gunpowder epoch and the story of one of the engineers at Kloster's ironworks Gustaf de Laval, who later founded the worldwide company Alfa Laval.

Alongside Husbyringen there are cafes and restaurants with a delicious and varied selection of local food producers.

Places to stay:
Hotel: Långshyttans Brukshotell.
Bed & Breakfast: Husby Kungsgård, Husby Wärdshus.
Hostel: Fridhems Kursgård in Stjärnsund.
Room / apartment: Långshyttan Trollbo Textil, BRF Tallen Långshyttan, Myckelby Bygdegård, Stjärnsunds Folkets Hus, Vilan Stjärnsund.
Cottages: Otto's Farm, Rappens.
Quick stop: Villa Solhem in Stjärnsund, Kloster, Långshyttan (Badhusparken), Nature camping: Långshyttans Moose Park