Three cjildren in yellow raincoats looking throuhg a fence down in the great pit.

Falu Gruva guided tour underground

Falu Mine is a place with a thousand years of history. Join a guided tour through winding passages and deep shafts down in the mine. Above ground with the mighty open pit Stora Stöten there is plenty to discover. Visit the 19th century miner's cottage, learn more about the history of the Mining Museum and try this summer's novelty - an interactive guide among the historic buildings.



The underground package
Join us on adventures down in Falu Mine and take part in exciting stories and legends from the past. The guided tour of parts of the mine dating from the 17th century goes through winding corridors and large halls. The mining trip takes one hour and feel free to count on another couple of hours for the discovery trip above ground. Here is the Mining Museum which tells the story of the mine from the Viking Age until 2001 when the site was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Eriksson's cottage is open for visits, here you will meet a miner's family from the 19th century. Around the open pit there are historic buildings where you feel the wings of history and learn more through an interactive guide.
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The above-ground package
Falu Gruva's long history can just as well be experienced above ground. Visit the Mining Museum with interactive exhibitions for all ages, look at the miner's family in Eriksson's cottage and walk the mining promenade around the open pit Stora Stöten. Here Dalarna's landscape animals nest the mountain owl - with the binoculars by the lookout tower you can get a glimpse of its habitat. Around the open pit are a number of historic buildings, such as lichens, laundries and gaming houses, preserved. Learn more about them with the interactive guiding that is this summer's news at the mine.

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Good to know

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