Red older wooden houses, one of them with a sign Rolf gården servering.

Ernst Rolfgården

  • Visiting address: Styraregatan 28, 79162 Falun

In the middle of the well-preserved wooden district of Elsborg is the house where the revue king Ernst Rolf was born in 1891. Today, the café and exhibition about Ernst Rolf is housed in the old property located at Styraregatan 28. Easier serving with the opportunity to sit outside in the cozy courtyard.



Previously, both miners and craftsmen lived in the house, which dates from the mid-18th century. Elsborg is located near the Falu Mine, within easy walking distance of central Falun and is part of the Falun World Heritage Site.

For guiding groups, contact Elisabet Hemström, tel. 023-873 94.