View of lake Siljan.

Tällberg 7 km

Hiking trail in Tällberg that passes by meadows, lake Siljan, the viewpoint on Digerberget and the site for the traditional midsummer celebration in Tällberg.



Length: 7 km

Description: Recommended starting point is the football field in Tällberg, Tällbergs camping or Tällberg school.

If you start at the football fields and do the hike counterclockwise, the path goes to the right on the road and then up left past Dalecarlia Hotel & Spa. The trail is narrow and throughout the trail there can be parts where there are a lot och rocks on the ground. On the path up to the view at Digerberget, one could do a detour and see where Axel Munthe(a famous doctor and author) planned to build a house for his wife Hilda Pennington.

The path up to Digerberget is steep, but the view over lake Siljan is worth the effort. At the viewpoint there are tables, benches and a shelter with a roof.

The trail then continues through the village, on a road that pedestrians has to share with cars. Follow the road and you will reach a nature reserve where the path goes to the left towards the school in Tällberg. The path goes above the school and towards Hotel Tällbergsgården, where the view over Siljan once again appear before you. Continue past Majstångsplatsen, where one of the many midsummer celebrations in the area happen once a year. The trail then continues over the meadows and down towards Siljan, there are information signs here along the way. When you reach Siljan and Tällbergs camping the walk goes along the beach and then up to the football field.


12 km north of Leksand