Several people are walking on a path with snow.
Bread baked in a wood-fired oven.
Canoe in water.
Lady on golf course next to a flag with hole next to it.
Several paddlers in a boat in rapids.
Two people on a stand up board in water.
Fishing gear.
Picnic laid out in the green.
Nature with mountains and forest.
Ax attached to a chopping block.
Northern lights over the forest.
A person stands on his head in the snow.
A lantern, a bottle and two glasses are displayed and a nice view behind.
bun with jam on a plate and a mug next to it.

Nova Events

Dala-Järna, Liljas Hol 101

A crackling fire. So simple. So magical. Outdoors on a break in a fast-paced activity, quietly on a lake during winter fishing, indoors in a baker's hut where the smell of anise and fennel spreads and your mouth waters when you see the steaming fresh bread coming out of the flames of the fire.

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Visiting address: Liljas Hol 101, 786 72 Dala-Järna