Lake Nässjön with trees in the background

Lake Nässjön

Lake Nässjön offers many activities during both summer and winter!



Fishing in the lake both summer and winter
In lake Nässjön you can fish both during summer and winter. It is easy to get to the lake by car in winter. Here you can fish perch, roach, pike, char and trout. Don't forget to buy a fishing license for Älvdalen FVO and visit for current fishing regulations.

Swimming in lake Nässjön
At lake Nässjön you have both Grundsand and Lidens bathing place

In winter time, a skating rink is plowed on Lake Nässjön. This is a non-profit work but is done periodically when time is available. The course is usually about 6km long if you go the whole lap.

Here you can also enjoy fantastic sunsets and if you are lucky you can also see the northern lights dance over the lake during winter.