View over lake Hävlingen.

Hävlingen 26 km

  • Visiting address: Grövelsjövägen 495, 790 91 Idre

Lake Hävlingen is far away from the nearest road, in the middle of the wilderness of the mountain ranges. The place is widely known for its fishing and has become a real paradise for anglers. For those who prefer to aim for the hike, the popular Hävlingestugorna may be all the more attractive. The hike can also be done as a longer day trip.



Length: 26 km
Joint Marking:
Description: Start in Grövelsjön and hike the approximately 13 km north over the mountain, along Södra Kungsleden, towards the cottages. The trip is long but never very steep. You walk alternately on mountain heath and bog. Once there, magnificent nature awaits, a warming sauna for the evening's cozy moments and total silence. A tip is to stay several nights and make day trips to the nearby Töfsingdalen National Park. The cabins are booked via the County Administrative Board.


The hiking trail starts at STF Fjällstation i Grövelsjön.