Gay fishing by the lake.

Fishing license Sunnansjö fishing-conservation area (fvo)

Angling card or one year card for fishing in Sunnansjö fishing-conservation area (fvo) water, and Put-and-take ponds Hamptjärn and Hakalamm. Printed confirmation comes as the fishing license. Card for locals, Sport fishing one year card or card for fishing in the fishing-conservation area (fvo) Sunnansjö water, and Put-and-take ponds Hamptjärn and Hakalamm.



Angling Card applies only artisanal fishing, wintertime angling.
One day card – 50 SEK
One year card – 200 SEK

Put and take fishing:
Hamptjärn and Hakalamm, at Hamptjärn also card dispensers for both lakes.
In Hamptjärn there are rainbow and in Hakalamm there are both trout and char.
One day card – 100 SEK.
Maximum 3 fish per card.
The fishing license is valid: 00.00-24.00
1 rod per card.

Fishing cards for locals can be solved by all who are living in the conservation area. Local cards entitle to fishing with nets (except Olsjön), trap, trap nets, angling and hand tools. Creels, nets and crayfish cages must be marked with clearly visible float and labeled with the name and phone number.
Please note: Not branded gear is taken up by supervision.
One year card – 200 SEK, valid one calendar year.
Fishing evidence 100 SEK per calendar year. Fishing evidence can only be purchased at Sunnansjö Hardware Store. Fishing evidence can be solved by the owners of fishing busy fishing rights list for the conservation area. Holder of fishing evidence may exercise fishing under the same terms as holders of the district cards. Fishing is permitted in all waters within the fishery conservation Sunnansjö. For Hamptjärn and Hakalamm is especially fishing license. Crayfish is done according to specific rules. The Board determines from year to year.
Map and fishing rules available for printing further down the page, see external links.

Fishing licenses can also be purchased at Visit Dalarnas tourist offices, tel 0771-62 62 62

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Contact: Birger Johansson, tel 070-397 63 94 Stefan Olofsson, tel 070-549 70 91