Two pizzas in the nature should be baked on the fire.

Cycling and hiking at the mountain

Cycling and hiking. Get the food cooked out in the mountains and shipped to you. You live at Villa Vasa guest house and have the opportunity to let star chef Bengt Andersson cook all your meals, even outdoors. You choose completely yourself.



You can choose the accommodation from one bed one night, a room, an apartment to the entire guest house's 45 beds in three floors for as long as you want. You also make the food as you wish, either you cook the food yourself in one of the guest house's kitchens or sit down at the set table all or some meals.
You get tour suggestions then a guide meets up and cooks the food where you want to rest. From Villa Vasa in Sälen at the Vasaloppet start, you have a good location for many trips. Ideally close for hiking or biking on the Vasaloppet trail, paddling on the river Västerdalälven or discovering the adventure trails in Kläppen. You can hike straight up on Hemfjället from Villa Vasa. There are many nice starting points within a 15 minute radius by car to discover more of the mountain's many hiking trails, rest and overnight cabins. Guide can be arranged.