Dog sledding in full action

Adventure Husky Tour, Idre Fjäll

Get a taste of the wonderful sport of dog sledding. Listen to the mushing basics instructions and follow our musher while you drive your own sled with 4 sled dogs.



We then leave for your snowy adventure and you will glide through Idre Fjäll wilderness on a trail that follows the mountain and the forest. A dream comes true. There is always a time after the tour to pet the dogs and take pictures, We also take some breaks under the dog sledding tour to take picture of you. The tour takes about 1 hour. At least 2 persons.

Your guide will contact you regarding what time during the day that suits you!
For reservations with children, have at least one adult participate in the tour.


Meeting place: On Idrefjäll, below the ski stadium. We meet 10 minutes before the trip begins. The starting point is at the ski stadium, behind the scooters, and is visible with a 3m high wooden sign and a banner. If you arrive by car, follow the sign "Ski Stadium". You can park the car up there and go down 10m. Parking is at the end of the uphill. It is possible to go skiing or to go straight from the slopes, we are near the six-chairlift, behind snowmobiles. No ski boots thanks. If cancellation is due to weather/lack of snow, activities will be reimbursed, except for 10% of the non-refundable fees.

If you have any questions:
+46 (0)73 048 89 83