Styggforsen nature reserve

  • Visiting address: Boda Kyrkby, 795 96 Rättvik

Feel the power and energy as the water plunges down the 36 meter high fall. The nature reserve Styggforsen is one of most fun and beautiful sights in Dalarna. In addition to interesting geology there are also beautiful views, exciting plants and a high waterfall - all embedded in magical and mysterious forest.



The rock walls at Styggforsen Nature Reserve clearly show the result of the meteorite strike that hit the Siljan area 377 million years ago. Here, layers of slate, limestone and sandstone are dramatically on the rise due to the impact. The layers were formed as sediments in a sea that covered parts of Scandinavia just over 400 million years ago.

Practical Information
From the easily accessible car park it is a 750 m long walking trail around the area, with barbecue areas and benches. Half the distance is made available for stroller. Adjacent to the car park is a summer open coffee house. In some places the trail is steep, but there are stairs and handrails to help. Note that the stairs can be slippery in the rain. There are safety fences at the fires, but still keep an eye on the children! Note that it is only allowed to put up a fire at the special barbecue areas.


12 kilometers N Rättvik. Follow road 301 to Boda.