Two dogs with packing on the bare mountain

Rent a dog to your hiking

In Salen, you have the opportunity to rent a dog. The concept is quite odd and that is probably why it is so popular. In the company of a dog, the joy of hiking are taking you up to a whole new level. We offer you to bring one of our polar dogs on your hiking. Our dogs are very affectionate and they´re longing to follow you out on an adventure in the mountain.



Storfjällsgraven is a cabin in the mountains which you only reach on foot during the snow-free period. In winter you can reach the cottage with dog sledding, snowmobiling or cross country skiing. The cottage is open only for serving during the winter season but you are certainly welcome to walk here in the snow-free period and sit down on the verenda and enjoy your own picnic.


  • Children/Family
  • Summer
  • Winter