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Oppigårds Brewery

Oppigårds Brewery is in Ingvallsbenning, a village in southern Dalarna. At this property owned by the same family since the 18th century, production started in 2004 and has presented top quality beer whilst continuing to develop the brewery.


Oppigårds has become one of the largest of the small craft breweries in Sweden, winning many prestigious awards for its fine beers over the years.

The inspiration to start a brewery came in the 1980s, and by now the brewery has been up and running for 15 years. The first year the brewery produced 8.000 liters of beer that were for sale in the local area. Now the brewery can produce up to 2 million liters every year that you can buy all over Sweden!

At the time the brewery was started Sweden the brewhouses and breweries were few and far in between, actually there were less then 10 breweries in the entire country. The beer culture has grown drastically since then and today you can find over 400 breweries and brewhouses across the country. Oppigårds welcomes you to sample and experience their contribution to the Swedish beer culture!

Oppigårds Summer Pub
The summer pub at Oppigårds is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from Midsummer until August the 8th. Purchase a 15cl sample of this well-known beer with a plate of cold cuts locally produced in Dalarna.
Book a three-hour guided tour to learn about the business, how beer is brewed, and to sample the variety of beers being produced.

Facilities and service

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