Njupeskär waterfall.

Njupeskär waterfall

One of Sweden's highest waterfall on 93 meters. The trail to Njupeskär waterfall is under construction (18 August until 2022)! The last part of the trail to the waterfall will be closed from 18th August until 2022. The trail is in poor condition and it needs to be replaced. Some renovation material will be transported by helicopter 24-26 of August. During this period you can view the waterfall from distance but you may not hike the whole Njupeskär trail. Follow directions given by our staff and respect the barriers. Violation means danger to life.



Njupeskär waterfall is 93 meters and is one of Sweden's highest. The water falls freely 70 meters. The stream next to the fog case there are many rare mosses, lichens and vascular plants. Many of them require constant moisture to survive.

There are nice marked trails that take you up to Sweden's highest waterfall, trails through marshes, old forests and into one of the gorges found along Fulufjället. Here Njupeskär cuts into the rock and falls today 93 meters down to the bottom of the ravine. The trails are wellmarked and along it are informational signs. At the beginning / end is the opportunity to visit Fulufjället Visitor Centre "naturum" - an opportunity to explore the park further!

A few days around midsummer - the summer solstice - the sun finds its way in the back to the waterfall and gives it a magical blue light. But this occurs only in the morning between 3:00 a.m. to 5:00.

It's about 2 km hike single way to the waterfall.


From Särna, go Rv 70 towards Idre, after Lomkällan, turn left (follow signs) to Mörkret/ Fulufjället National & Njupeskär. After about 20 km you are in Mörkret, follow signs to the left against Fulufjället National & Njupeskär another 15 km until the road ends. There you will find parking and can go up to 2 km Njupeskär on good paths.