Ski- tips in snow.

Kläppen 3 km - 24 km

The cross-country tracks in Kläppen have become extremely popular. With a generous snow guarantee, they promise 2 kilometers of cross-country tracks in late November.



Length: 3 km - 24 km.

Difficulty: Varying difficulty depending on track, see track map for more information.

Starting point: All tracks start in the area around the cliff, see track map for further information.

Track Description:
Myrspåren, 5.6 kilometers, 7.7 kilometers, 9.4 kilometers
Lovely nature tracks starting at Persgården. If you choose any of the longer tracks, there is a wind shelter with barbecue place after about 4 kilometers.

Toppspåret, 6.1 kilometers
Kläppens most beautiful cross-country track with a completely magical environment. Where the track turns after about 3.5 km there is a wind shelter with barbecue area ..

Bergspåret, 24.5 kilometers
The mountain trail is a merger of all our tracks up on the mountain. The beginning and end are made up of the Myrspåren. Some parties are quite steep, but well-groomed. The other middle part is the Toppdspåret. Please take a break in Toppstugan before continuing the journey.

Älvspåret, 13 kilometers
The track starts at the Welcome Center and turns in Torgås, 7 km south of Kläppen. The entire track is electrically lit from 6 am - 10 pm every day. Popular track for those who want to train for the Vasaloppet.

Keep in mind that the tracks are affected by weather conditions, so please check the status of the tracks before you go skiing.