A  forging heart.

Käck & Hedbys Smide - Artsmith

Handmade artsmiths and manufacture of candlesticks, chandeliers, wind turbines, specialsmiths and more. Here, since 1922, the genuine "Tuppstaken" has been manufactured after the original of the artist Gustaf Ankarcrona from Tällberg.



Käck and Hedby's company was founded in 1922 by Johan Käck and Johan Hedbys. The company was originally a modern forging workshop that manufactured and repaired agricultural tools and carried out various forging works.

The most famous of the products is "Tuppstaken", which dates back to the 17th century. The artist Gustaf Ankarcrona in Tällberg designed the model in the early 20th century and "Tuppstaken" has been manufactured in Leksand ever since then.

The smithy has been preserved in its original state, and it is the production of candlesticks, chandeliers, wind turbines, graves, rails, gates and other artisans that dominate today's manufacturing.

Everyone is welcome to the forge to see how the manufacturing works. In the Factory Store, it is possible to shop at factory prices.