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Hedbodarna can boast to be one of the best preserved long pastures, and has been classified as a national interest for cultural heritage conservation.


Hedbodarna is long pasture to Månsta village in Älvdalen and which has been documented since the 1600s. There are many special old house which is preserved in a good condition. There are also mountain cows and goats.

In the summer it's old pasture life apply. There operates Alf Sjödén every summer traditional pasture life with mountain cows and goats. He makes butter and cheese, and have the operation of the pasture. So the old firahouses on the mountain pasture are even used today.

In the winter he works in healthcare but in the summer he take vacation for four months for mountain life. He "buför" up to summer pasture around midsummer and go back to the village again after elk hunting in the fall.

In the summer you can go to Hedbodarna and buy snacks and mountain products.

There is also access to simple overnight accommodation.

Elfdalens historical society manages the farm.

Faciliteter och service

  • Summer
  • Children/Family